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A complete guide to window shutters Melbourne

Check the condition of your windows and how they seem from the outside of your house. From the interior of your home, take a look at your Window shutters Melbourne. Do your windows have an unappealing appearance? Take a look at the window frame, the glass, and the way they’re positioned in the room. Consider a simple window treatment, such as inside Window shutters Melbourne or outdoor Window shutters Melbourne, to brighten the room.

When it comes to Window shutters Melbourne, there are two primary purposes in mind. First and foremost, they serve to protect against the weather, particularly the wind, but they also help to give some privacy. When it comes to guarding against the weather. The only kind of Window shutters Melbourne that are effective these days are Window shutters Melbourne, which are specifically intended to protect windows from the elements.

Second, shutters are just ornamental. The ornamental purpose, of course, is derived from the practical reason in the first place. When window shutters Melbourne first became popular, they were utilized in lieu of windows, and for many houses, they were the only choice for keeping out the weather. However, since it is today impossible to live without windows, shutters are mostly used for aesthetic purposes rather than for privacy or storm protection.

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Window shutters Melbourne

What is the purpose of this shutter guide?

One of the things we aim for is to assist individuals in their study of home and garden related goods. We do this by conducting thorough research on a certain product, such as shutters, and then organizing the many kinds in a logical fashion. The majority of articles on “shutter kinds” offer a single-tiered list. The same may be said for shops that sell outdoor blinds Melbourne. As a result, we disassemble the many components of a shutter and arrange them into a guide to help you get a better knowledge of your choices.

Our “types of shutter guide” below is actually a collection of several sections describing the many aspects of a shutter, such as indoor vs outdoor use, surface design, size/coverage, form and material. All of these considerations must be taken into account when purchasing shutters.

The Buying Guide for Window shutters Melbourne

Location of shutters: inside vs. exterior

Choosing between outdoor blinds Melbourne is the first choice you’ll have to make when purchasing outdoor blinds Melbourne.

  1. Shutters for the Interior

Interior shutters are simple to operate from the inside and may be adjusted for privacy. Furthermore, interior shutters are available in a variety of configurations, including café, full height, and tier-on-tier, depending on how much of the window they cover. Custom shutters, like many other home goods, may be made to your precise requirements, just as you can obtain custom furniture.

  1. Shutters for the outside of the house

External shutters are often used for exterior design purposes these days. Yes, they may have a practical purpose in that they can offer seclusion and/or shelter from the elements, but they are mostly used for aesthetic reasons, or “curb appeal,” rather than for any other reason. That being said, plantation shutters Melbourne are also outdoor blinds Melbourne, and they serve a very essential function, which is to protect windows from damage caused by strong winds.

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Window shutters Melbourne

Styles of Panels

The surface of the outdoor blinds Melbourne varies as well. The surface of the shutter is responsible for the majority of its visual appeal, but the kind of surface you choose may have an impact on its functionality as well. When it comes to outdoor blinds Melbourne, for example, they can frequently be changed to allow in more or less light, while solid surface shutters are unable to do so. The various types of shutter surface styles are shown in the table below.


A louvered shutter is made out of a series of wood slats that overlap each other on a single frame, as seen in this illustration. Adding this will give your house a more intricate design that will give it a rural feel. This may be a single or double-height variant, with tiny supports placed in the center of the latter to give it a stronger overall body structure. Louvered shutters are used for both interior and plantation shutters Melbourne and are available in a variety of styles.

Dimensions of the louver:

When selecting a louver shutter, you must first choose how broad you want the louvers to be. Louvers are typically available in sizes ranging from 1.25′′ to 4.5′′, but you may also order bespoke louvers to fit your specific needs.

Panel with a Raised Edge

A series of rectangular elements will stand out from the rest of the frame in a raised panel window shutter design. Raised panel window shutter illustration Raised panel window shutters are created with box-like designs where a series of rectangular features will stand out from the rest of the frame. Similar to what you would see on a normal set of cabinets in your kitchen, this is exactly what you should expect.


A shaker shutter is similar in appearance to a raised panel shutter, except it has a flat body instead of a raised panel. The rectangular forms are created using a succession of recessed indentations that give them a beautiful and intricate appearance without making them stand out too much from the background.


Plantation shutters Melbourne are attractive in their design because of the southern charm they exude. These have broad louvers or angled slats that are installed at regular intervals around the perimeter of the window. These allow for the passage of light through them. You may have one of these placed on the exterior of your house, but they are more often seen in indoor spaces. If anything, they may include some adjustable elements that enable you to move the slats up and down in order to let in as much light as you need when you need it.

Window shutters Melbourne

Board and batten construction

Board and batten shutters are constructed from a number of wooden boards that are connected to one another by a series of battens. Crosspieces are pieces of wood that go across the tops of the boards. This is a traditional choice that may be carved into a number of forms depending on the curvature of a window’s surrounding walls. This is done to create a more rustic appearance or a more elegant style, depending on how complex the shutters are designed to seem.

Materials for Shutters

When searching for high-quality window shutters, it is essential to conduct thorough research. There are a variety of fantastic materials available for you to choose, but the one that will work best for you should be selected with consideration depending on the resources you have available:

  1. Wood

Wood is a timeless material that may be used for any kind of shutter. It is available in a number of finishes, including sealed, stained, and painted. It may be sliced in a variety of ways as well. Regular inspections would be required to ensure that. The materials are not fading, warping, or otherwise wearing down as a result of exposure to the elements.

  1. Engineered Wood

Engineered wood differs from solid wood in that it is constructed from a number of joints that are joined together. Multiple wooden components are join together to form a single, basic body. This gives the piece a solid appearance while also adding a great touch of flair. It may be painted in a variety of colors and styles. But it cannot be stain since the joints would show through at that time.

  1. Laminate

Laminate materials are construct from a succession of thin timber slats that are glue together to form a strong body. Glue is often use to hold things together in this situation. Sometimes thin paper sheets are paint and then glue together to form a structure. This is particularly suitable for regions where precipitation is frequent, since laminate materials perform well when subject to rain. When it comes to the colors and stains that are utilize. You would still have to maintain it in the same way you would with wood.

  1. Metal

Metal is excellent for providing a strong body, although it is susceptible to denting and chipping. Make sure to pay attention to the way the metal is coat as well. So that it does not distort or buckle under pressure. In any case, the metal components in question may be paint. In a number of colors and can be purchase in a single form. Which makes it simpler for you to create a decent body. However, you should continue to monitor. The material’s durability to ensure that it is in the best possible condition for use.

  1. PVC

PVC, often known as polyvinyl chloride, is a rigid vinyl surface that has been extensively strengthen. On the interior, it has a number of tiny connecting rods that help. To hold the shutters together and secure. This is popular because of its ability to withstand the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. And it may be suggest for homes where the sun is very bright. As with any other vinyl surface. It is susceptible to scratching and should be maintain away from any materials that may be excessively abrasive in nature.

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