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Most criminals, robbers, and burglars would never consider breaking into a rolling shutter. That is because the job requires plenty of skills, patience, physical effort, timing, and luck. The sturdy materials used in roller shutter construction make things even more difficult for criminals to break in. 

If you are considering enhancing your home’s security to the next level, here’s your top choice. Installing rolling shutter is highly beneficial. And let’s see how. 

Are Rolling Shutter Secure?

In general, roller shutters are a highly secure and safe kind of protection that is seldom tried to be broken into. The majority of burglars and criminals will be discouraged just by the sight of a roller shutter since roller shutters make a lot of noise when they open and close regularly.

As a result, the noise of a roller shutter being pushed open or broken into would be very loud. Would instantly reveal the presence of the criminals. Additionally, the material used to construct the majority of roller shutters is very difficult to penetrate without the use of specialized tools or equipment.

Are Homes with Roller Shutters Difficult to Break-in?

Typically, thieves will look at the roller shutter and quit their attempt. Knowing how tough it would be to gain access to the property. The criminal may first plan out every aspect of the break-in, including how they intend to get in, what equipment they need, how to avoid being caught, and what they will do once they get past the roller shutters to successfully break-in.

Preventing break-ins is something that the roller shutter will almost always accomplish on its own. However, there are methods for inhabitants or homeowners to contribute to the roller shutter’s security.

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Rolling Shutter

Combing rolling shutter with other security elements

For instance, installing an alarm in the same area as the roller shutter would eventually discourage thieves from trying a break-in. If a burglar is trying to break into a roller shutter and hears the piercing sound of an alarm. They are almost certain to give up and go.

Additionally, installing a security camera or cameras would enable the homeowner or property owner to catch a picture of the criminal’s face possibly. And this enables them to call the police. Have the criminal identified and punished for an attempted break-in.

Furthermore, thieves would be discouraged from breaking into a location. If they knew a security camera and a roller shutter were in place. At some point, roller shutters may be broken into, although this is an uncommon occurrence.

Even the most experienced thieves will almost always be unable to break in due to the safety and security offered by a roller shutter. Simply having a roller shutter eliminates a burglar’s prospects of breaking in. They will be aware of the difficulties and expertise required to break through the moving shutter.

Is it Possible to Cut Roller Shutters?

Another method a thief could attempt to break into a roller shutter is by cutting through the shutter’s material. This is a very tough method of entry that thieves, burglars, and criminals seldom attempt. As a result, most thieves refrain from breaking into a home or business if they notice a roller shutter.

It is also possible for the criminal to just cut the roller shutter box instead of removing the shutter slats. While this is a more viable technique for the thief. It still needs heavy-duty equipment and may get more difficult as the lock’s strength increases. Additionally, cutting the box will be very noisy. Alerting anybody in the immediate vicinity that a break-in is taking place.

Electrics must also be considered since the shutters may be hardwired into the home’s electrical system. This may be a difficulty for a criminal and a risk that is needless.

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Rolling Shutter

Can Burglars Force Open a Rolling Shutter?

One of the most frequent methods criminals use to get into Rolling Shutter is to force the shutter open by sheer force. But this is extremely difficult. And burglars can only achieve this with roller shutters made of lighter materials with lower strength and are made of less expensive materials.

Additionally, forcing a Rolling Shutter open will be very loud, alerting anybody in the nearby area to the situation. The majority of thieves will avoid this technique of getting into a Rolling Shutter. Because it involves many unknown factors that make the break-in considerably more difficult than it would be in a house without a roller shutter. 

Rolling Shutter Price

Roller shutters installed in Australia typically cost between $950 and $1850, depending on shutter size, motor type, material type, scaffolding needs, product durability, and accessories involved.

Rolling Shutter Shutter Repairs

One of the most frequent problems is that roller shutters don’t open or close fully. As a first step, verify that the power source is turned on. Look for lights that indicate this and switch them on and off to see whether this resolves the problem. If you continue to have problems after verifying this, you may search for another solution.

If your shutters get more sticky or stuck, this may be a sign of a lubrication problem. WD40 will be your best buddy in this situation. Simply lining your system’s rails with WD40 may fix the problem. Additionally, this method eliminates any annoying screeching noises your shutters may be producing. While such minor issues may be resolved on your own. A professional repair service may need more complicated roller shutter repairs.

You must pick an industry leader if you want affordable and high-quality roller shutters. And here is where we position ourselves as your first option. Our roller shutters Melbourne adhere to all quality requirements, ensuring their durability.

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