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Complete Guide to Choose the Right Glass Splashback

Protecting your kitchen walls with a Glass Splashbacks is a must to keep them free of damage. Glass splashbacks are excellent wall protectors because they have no gaps or grouting seams.

Glass splashbacks are a specialty of ours at Inferno Glass, and we take great pleasure in meeting the individual requirements of each one of our customers. It doesn’t matter whether you need a Glass Splashbacks bathroom wall, a kitchen backsplash, or another kind of commercial property solution; we have something to suit your needs.

Glass Splashbacks: What to Consider Before Buying

So, what are your choices? In other words, how do you know which is the best fit for your needs? So, let’s get to know it. 

Glass Splashbacks – Standard and Coloured Options

In terms of adding color to your kitchen or bathroom, our splashbacks are the most affordable option. If you need a low-maintenance Glass Splashbacks for places like elevator lobbies or waiting rooms, these are great options.

Heat-resistant and hardened to the highest Australian standards, our Glass Splashbacks are an excellent addition to any kitchen or cooking area. We produce on-site, so your Glass Splashbacks is custom-made to your specifications and flawlessly complements the rest of your home or office.

You’ll be able to choose the right color for your next project thanks to our almost limitless color selection, and our shortest lead time means you’ll have your new kitchen ready to cook up a storm in no time.

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Glass Splashbacks

Printed Glass Splashbacks – Uniqueness and Style

Adding a personal touch to your kitchen is something we recommend you do if you want one. Create your own work of art on the back of your kitchen wall by accepting the challenge and following through with your idea! You may either pick from one of our ready-to-go designs or bring your own picture to have it printed.

Thanks to our advanced printing technology, we can quickly turn your kitchen into a gallery.

Is it going to be summer forever? Why not make your house feel like a beach? Do you want to live in the rainforest? We can create the illusion of a wind blowing over your park seat. The entertainer in you will enjoy our colorful series, which includes anything from fruits and vegetables to your preferred glass of red.

Designer Range – Art Deco for Your Home or Corporate Space

A piece of art deco may be the focal point of your house with our full designer selection. Our designer line uses a sophisticated technique to provide depth and warmth in your kitchen you didn’t think possible.

Our creative glass isn’t just for kitchens; it can be used in any room to create a distinctive and welcoming entrance, whether it’s your home or workplace. With our corporate applications, your customers will get a sense of your business when they enter the lobby, boardroom, or elevator.

The wonderful thing about glass from us is that you can develop and make a one-of-a-kind piece of art with only a phone call.

Mirrors – We don’t just do Splashbacks

Using a mirror is a great method to let light into space or to create a reflecting surface. Standard and toughened mirrors are available, as well as a selection of reflections. All of our mirrors are custom-made and produced right here on the facilities, so they’re a great match for any room.

From the installation date by Inferno Glass, all of our toughened mirrored splashbacks come with a full guarantee against fading, peeling, bubbling, or defective artistry.

Though they appear like regular mirrors, our toughened mirrors are heat and impact-resistant, allowing them to be utilized in various ways that conventional mirrors cannot. They can even withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Glass Splashbacks

Printed Arts for Glass Splashbacks

If you’ve ever wished you could keep a memory alive for as long as possible, our newest offering, print art, is a must-have. A vivid glass feature created from your favorite memory will bring it to life in a manner that canvases can only hope to achieve. Your favorite pictures may now be displayed throughout the home or workplace, not only in the lounge and reception areas, thanks to the new photo frames, which provide a clearer image while also being moisture and heat resistant.

Adding a personal touch to your business space has never been simpler. Canvas prints no longer have scuffed edges, and you can keep all of your pictures in one place instead of rotating them. As a result of the long-lasting nature of our print art, you can relax about keeping your corporate spaces tidy and professional.

We can print your picture straight onto toughened glass using the newest technology, turning it into the most eye-catching decoration item in your house. With the Design Inferno print art collection, you can turn your house into a home by adding personal touches to the glass.

There are many uses for glass in the home and workplace. It isn’t easy to choose when to call it a day. Because of its many uses and low care requirements, glass is a must-have for any space that wants a splash of color and style but doesn’t want the trouble.

Installation of Glass Splashbacks

This splashback is simple to install if you carefully follow the directions provided below.

The following tools will be required:

  • Low modular silicone sealant – Soudal Silirub
  • Tape measure
  • Masking tape
  • Straight-edged piece of wood (if the glass is not supported on a flat surface).

You may use a gas stove with your toughened glass splashback. But you must be careful not to place it too near or in direct contact with the flame. For the most part, this means keeping the hob a minimum of 100mm away from the splashback’s surface. A failure to do so will void your warranty and endanger the color coating and the glass.

You should be aware that toughened glass cannot be molded or pierced in any way. Toughened glass is designed to disperse pressure evenly. Broken tensions in the glass lead to cracks and shattering.

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