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Glass Splashbacks Types and Prices Comparison

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance makeover, glass splashbacks are an option. A modern kitchen or bathroom will benefit from a glass backsplash because of the variety of possibilities and the ease with which it can be cleaned. Using this style, you may increase the resale value of your property while also giving it a perfect shape. The expense of a glass splashbacks may be the next concern on your mind. You should expect to pay between $140 and $650 per square meter, depending on the thickness of the material and other variables.   

The cost of labor is one component that impacts the pricing of glass splashbacks. Depending on where you reside, this may differ. The work required to install a splashback is equivalent to that of tiling. For the most part, tiling contractors charge per square foot. Depending on the job’s intricacy and location, pricing might vary from $30 to $120 per square meter in various areas of Australia. Listed below are a few samples of labor costs in different countries’ sections.

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Things That Affect Glass Splashbacks Prices

Several factors influence the price of a glass backsplash. Any taxes that must be paid are included in the total cost. Let’s have a look at how these variables affect the price.

The size of the job

In most cases, installers charge by the meter. Also, the kind of materials used will affect the cost per metre of the glass backsplash. Pre-cut glass splashbacks, for example, start at roughly $135 for an average-sized area. Depending on the number of cuts required for electrical components, a bespoke piece might cost anywhere from $425 to $650. For an additional fee, LED lights may be added to the backsplash.

The project’s difficulty

When it comes to installing a glass splashbacks, costs might be affected by the scope of the job. Due to the number of cuts needed for appliances and power points, the price will go up. Preparation work is another factor to consider when pricing a job. It’s also more time-consuming to work with various glass or tiles.

Splashbacks come in a variety of types

The splashback’s material impacts its price. Glass tiles or solid glass may be used. The cost of a glass splashbacks might be affected by the kind of glass you choose. As an example, you may decide to use starphire or safety glass, both of which are more expensive than regular glass.

Price Estimates for Glass Splashbacks of Different Types

The glass comes in various forms, and each has an impact on the project’s cost. Here are a few illustrations:

Glass with a customized design on it

It’s also possible to have printed glass. This is a piece of glass that has been decorated with pictures, patterns, or textures. Glass splashbacks materials and installation costs are impacted, as well as the aesthetics.

Back-painted glass

There are two ways to incorporate glass into a colored wall. It’s up to you whether or not you want to paint the wall or the back of the glass. If you go with this method, you’ll obtain better coverage and avoid shadows caused by imperfections in the wall.

The glass that has been hardened

Toughened glass, often known as safety glass or tempered glass, is a kind of glass that has been strengthened. This glass has undergone a special heating procedure to improve its resistance to shattering.

Mirrored glass

Splashbacks made of mirrors are pricier than those made of standard glass. Despite this, it is a popular choice since it reflects light. An excellent option for the bathroom, too. The price of a mirrored backsplash might be affected if it is put in a damp location, which requires a waterproofing specialist.

Starphire glass

It is a form of glass with fewer iron particles than ordinary glass. Starphire glass splashbacks are more expensive than regular glass because of their superior clarity.

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Different Splashback Prices and Estimates

Glass splashbacks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. However, you may also choose from a wide variety of backsplash materials. Consider these unique choices that have just become accessible.


For a flawless fit, acrylic may be thermoformed. It’s also available in a broad range of colors. The acrylic splashback’s low price makes it a viable alternative for most budgets. With installation, a 750 mm by 900 mm backsplash would set you back about $400.

Pressed metal

Consider using metal splashbacks finished in aged copper, bronze, or painted metal if you want an antique effect. With the right style choice, you may get a vintage or modern appearance.


High-gloss glass can be replicated by using hardboard, although it is a wood product that has been treated. Antimicrobial silver is often used to keep microorganisms at bay. It costs between $170 and $400 for a 1200 x 4.5 mm piece to buy one of them.


Tiles are a contemporary fad that has reemerged. You may choose from a wide range of current solutions. The average price per square meter is about $35.

Pressed tin

The cost of a pressed tin backsplash is in the middle of the spectrum. With this choice, there are a variety of vintage and Victorian patterns to choose from. Pressed metal splashbacks cost roughly $30 per square meter for a 46cm 60cm panel.

Stainless steel 

It’s a different choice for a professional look and long-term durability, but it’s still a choice. This has the potential to have a dramatic impact on stainless steel equipment. The price of stainless steel splashbacks is one of the highest since they must be installed by a professional.


The natural beauty of a stone splashback enhances any room. They are solid and long-lasting, but installing them may require the services of a stone cutter, which might raise the project’s overall cost.


An old-world impression may be achieved with marble in the kitchen or bath. As with stone, an expert installation is often required.

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